Why Choose Us

1. Airr toast® is a unique product made with simple flavorful recipes served fresh. It can be an ideal meal or a meal between meals.
2. The size of an Airr toast® kiosk (65-80 sq. feet) allows it to accommodate in most locations especially the most ideal high-density areas.
3. Airr toast® is a proven success, has simple operations and requires a relatively low investment.
4. Some examples of what we provide is an ongoing regular training for owners and their team, store/ product development assistance as well as contribution opportunities, floor plans, design support, operation excellence reviews and field support.

Am I Qualified?

Airr toast® franchisees possess an entrepreneurial spirit and are committed to building a successful business. If you enjoy working with people, learning new skills, are ready for an exciting new challenge, and have a strong business background, with special emphasis on interpersonal skills, team leadership and financial management, and ability to meet the financial requirements, contact us today!


Submitting an application does not obligate applicants or Airr toast® in any way. It is simply the first step in a process that is designed to make sure that both parties will be happy joining forces through a franchise arrangement.

Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified, via e-mail, of the review result. Applicants meeting Airr toast® initial requirements are interviewed and if the interview is favorable, the applicant has the option/ opportunity to spend three days in an Airr toast® kiosk. There may be a set of panel interviews after which the applicant is invited for a final interview with our Managing Director, who will then decide whether the applicant will be approved.

If Airr toast® in its sole and absolute discretion regards the applicant as a suitable person in all aspects to be granted an Airr toast® franchise, the applicant is offered a franchise for a specific location/ kiosk. There is no binding obligation on either side until such time as the franchise documentation is executed (signed) by both parties.

Franchise Application

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